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Virtual work station from Aware MD Inc available now for physicians by physicians

Unique Features

The Cerebrum™ worksheet viewer contains many unique features, including highliting of abnormalities, gender specific normal ranges, indexed values, and measurement history.

Viewer Features

Save time with work lists and reporting

  • Single swipe entry
  • Reporting needs
  • Historical comparison
  • Abnormal data alerts

Unique measurement and color coding features

  • Work modality list
  • Gender specific ranges
  • Indexed values
  • Pediatric Z scores

Quick and easy echo measurements and reporting

  • Automatic transfer
  • One-click billing
  • Follow up trends
  • No double entry

Worksheet Interface Samples

Worksheet shows the measurements with color coding for abnormal values that are gender specific.

Clicking on the ‘R’ icon provides gender specific normal range as per ASE latest guidelines. Indexed values and their normal ranges are also shown. Pediatric patient’s measurements are reported as Z score for the indexed values.

Echocardiogram Reporting

User is able to select which and how many measurements to show on the report: the user has a tool within the system to control that. The normal values shown there are gender specific on the report, with any abnormal values being bolded, highlighting them for the user.

Cardiac View

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Rad View

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Viewer Integrative Tools

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