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CardiacView Viewer

This viewer provides efficient methods of looking at cardiology worksheets and images

Work List Sample

An integrated study work list makes it easy to find the necessary appointments with filtering by doctor and/or test alongside abnormality indicators.

Echo Reporting Worksheet

Every report is broken up into managable categories and customizable items that can be included in the report. A single click sends out the report to the necessary individuals.

DICOM Viewer

Overview of the DICOM Viewer interface.
Intuitive zooming with right click and move.

Magnifying glass tool zooms selected area.
Windowing tool adjusts contrast by moving left clicked mouse up and down.
Measure tool allows re measurements of linear dimensions, area and doppler.
"Sharp" filter helps with endocardial definition.
Frame by frame scroll on the wheel of the mouse.
Stress Echo viewer.
Color filters may help with endocardial definition.