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The Cerebrum™ workflow solution comes with all of the tools necessary

Cerebrum™ Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • ASP or local server solutions are available; time tested since 2003.
  • Fully Implemented Cardiology, Endocrinology, and Eheumatology workflows.
  • Workflow specifics configurable by user.
  • Thinking software to help store and retrieve the right information in an instant.
  • Every piece of clinical information is stored as discrete data.
  • Modular design to facilitate architecture is scalable, upgradeable and adaptable.
  • DICOM interface with all images a part of EMR where one can review all images.
  • Allows reporting and viewing of cardiology and radiology images over the web.
  • Easy-to-Learn – Shorten training time with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Microsoft-based stable, tested, and effecitve architecture.
  • Automatic report sending through fax or HRM and direct deposit receiving.

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Cerebrum™ Viewer

  • Worksheets with color coded measurements for gender specific abnormal values.
  • Gender specific normal ranges displayed on mouse over.
  • Pediatric patients' measurements are reported as Z score for indexed values.
  • Online reporting of all cardiac and radiology tests.
  • Ingest reports directly into EMR without cost.
  • Unlimited simultaneous clients viewing images.
  • Report generator allows making all measurements even if equipment does not.
  • View images and report studies without expensive, limited workstations.
  • Work modality list created with a single swip of a patient ID card.
  • Measurement history available to see trends on historical and follow up studies.
  • One click report creation, distribution through fax or HRM, and billing.

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HRM Distributor Assistant

Because receiving reports/consult letters into HRM requires a lot less work on the receiving end and those reports/letters immediately become a part of the referring doctor’s EMR, it may become a competitive advantage, as referring doctors would very much prefer decreasing the work associated with report upload into EMR (this part is completely eliminated by our module).

We enable a secure upload of all your reports and letters directly into HRM engine at E Health, from where they get uploaded into referring doctors EMR’s.